Today’s travelers are bombarded with choice—according to Google, travelers will conduct hundreds of searches, visit hundreds of websites, and view thousands of images and videos just in the course of deciding where to go and what to book.

In this ultra-competitive market, how can you ensure that your hotel gets out ahead of the competition? The answer: don’t just sell rooms, sell the travel experience.

In this webinar, learn about how travel experience influences the customer booking journey, and discover useful tips on how to better integrate the right visuals, locality, and storytelling into your online hotel marketing efforts to win over guests.

Experts from Pegasus, Arrivedo, and Flip.to will discuss: 

  • Using your hotel website to better reach travelers during the inspiration and planning phase of travel

  • Why mobile is the key to getting ahead in those I-want-to-get-away moments

  • The importance of local experiences and neighborhood guides in selling your property

  • How to turn your hotel’s wealth of local knowledge into a powerful digital tool

  • How storytelling can increase hotel revenue 

  • Ways to turn your guests into influencers and brand evangelists 
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This webinar ran on May 3, 2018. 
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Kate Bielamowicz, Inbound Marketing Manager, Pegasus 

Kate Bielamowicz is the Inbound Marketing Manager at Pegasus, where she leads content strategy and runs the digital agency’s copywriting team. Before making the jump to agency life, Kate spent nearly seven years as a freelance copywriter, focusing on culture and lifestyle, penning everything from travel articles to social media campaigns and menswear blogs. An avid traveler herself, Kate currently resides in Mexico City, which has turned out to be an excellent base for the insatiable travel bug.

Alonso Franco, CEO, Arrivedo

Alonso Franco is CEO of Arrivedo. In 2008 he quit his investment banking job in New York and opened Pariwana Hostels chain in Peru. As CEO of Pariwana, Alonso led the development of a hostel management software. Alonso later moved close to Silicon Valley to attend Stanford Business School. After school, he co-founded Arrivedo to help hotels organize an online Neighborhood Guide and shine globally as local hosts. Currently 600+ hotels from 120 different cities have published a Neighborhood Guide in Arrivedo.

Richard Dunbar, Director of Partnerships, Flip.to

With nearly 15 years of experience in the hospitality space, Richard has a wide range of experience spanning revenue management, e-commerce sales, systems integrations, consumer loyalty, and building brand advocacy. He’s been a key player with companies ranging from Starwood Vacation Ownership, EZYield and Stash Hotel Rewards before taking up his current role at Flip.to. 

Tapping into the power of authentic travel experiences for hotel marketing