Today's Top Direct Booking Trends 

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The webinar ran on July 18, 2019. To view a recording, please register with your information below.

About the webinar

With increased competition in the hospitality industry and the growing number of booking platforms now available to digitally advanced travelers, the difficulty of getting direct bookings is higher than ever before. But with the right strategies in place, and a focused effort on increasing conversions, hotels have the tools they need to fight for more direct business. 

From reviews, to rewards, to major UX trends, we'll explore how today's hotels are increasing their direct booking conversions with newest marketing tactics.  In hotel tech, the story is the same. 

In this webinar, you will learn...  

  • The booking behavior of digital natives and the relevance of hotel reviews in the booking process
  • How to increase direct bookings by offerings Rewards vs. Discounts
  • The common hotel website mistakes to avoid and a comprehensive best practices checklist
  • What ROI hotels can expect from implementing these new marketing and conversions tactics

How to Turn Them Into Smart Conversion Strategies for Your Hotel Website

THURSDAY, JULY 18, 2019 @ 11AM EST

About the webinar

During this webinar, we will share opportunities to adopt some revolutionary new products that can help you achieve record direct revenue. We'll show you how you can transform the journey from search to stay, delighting your guests along the way. 

  • How to optimize your pricing and maximizing revenue opportunities with smarter, next-level revenue strategies
  • Ways in which hotels are achieving record direct revenue, personalizing the guest journey, and leveling the playing field with OTAs 
  • How to capitalize on ancillary and incremental revenue opportunities during check-in/out and heighten guest satisfaction while doing so