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Hotels interested in upgrading to Rate Match's direct booking tool with Price Compare & Price Match can also take advantage of special pricing in 2020. 

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Unlike other tools that perform rate shops at predictable intervals and for one-night stays, Rate Match checks rates every time real guests search the booking engine. 

Because the data is based on actual searches, it is accurate and uncovers problematic issues, such as wholesale rates being sold direct to consumers.

  • Set up real-time email notifications for rate parity violations
  • Monitor overall price parity performance across channels
  • Keep records of all price comparison searches
  • Run reports on top out-of-parity OTAs and average price difference

How does Rate Match™ work?

Rate Match launches into action the moment a guest shops your booking engine for stay dates and rates. Use Rate Match for:

  • Parity Reporting — Rate Match automatically shops your hotel's stay dates on the OTAs, revealing parity violations and disparities across your distribution network.

  • Price Compare — Give your guests the confidence to book direct by showing them that your hotel website offers the best price.

  • Price Match — If a lower price is found elsewhere, Rate Match creates a price match offer and makes it instantly bookable, ensuring that guests do not book elsewhere. 

Our Free Offer

Try our Parity Reporting tool free for a year, and get access to special pricing for Price Compare and Price Match.


Parity Reporting — Try for free for a year!

Automate your best rate guarantee with Price Compare & Price Match

Install Rate Match's price compare and price matching tool onto your booking engine to guarantee the best price on your website. Can be used for individual hotels or across multiple hotels and brands.

  • Automatically and selectively display OTA rates if they are the same price or higher 
  • Match or beat OTA rates instantly when OTAs are offering lower prices than the direct channel
  • Raise conversion rates by building consumer confidence
  • Move more business to your direct channel

Works with major booking engines

Get up and running quickly with just a few simple lines of code. Rate Match works with most major booking engines.


Boost conversion rates and user engagement to drive direct revenue

Hotels using Rate Match on their hotel website see significant increases in direct bookings, regardless if a price match offer is made. Our A/B tests show that Rate Match helps hotels to: 

  • Significantly increase booking engine conversion rates
  • Drive faster booking decisions on the hotel website
  • Decrease exit and drop off rates 

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