Win More Bookings With Best Practices for Hotel Websites  

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A Complete Guide to Driving Direct Bookings Through Your Hotel Website  

Gone were the days when fancy website design alone could convince travelers to book a hotel room. Today’s travelers expect more than just pretty digital brochures. 

Using real-life examples, our e-book will help you improve your hotel website to attract travel shoppers and increase direct revenue

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Your hotel website is the best tool you have to drive direct bookings. So why do so many hotel websites perform poorly? 

Often, they simply don’t offer the modern experience travel shoppers want and expect. They place too much emphasis on fancy visual design and forget about adding the essential elements that actually drive conversions.

From poorly designed CTAs to lack of internal promotions on pages, we'll review some of the biggest user experience mistakes we find on hotel websites. 

Full Chapter List

Chapter 3 - Embracing the concept of hotel e-commerce

Chapter 5 - Choosing the right agency partner to work

Chapter 2 - Why many hotel websites fail to convert

Chapter 1 - The importance of the digital experience in driving direct bookings 

  Chapter 4 - How to transform your website into a high-performing e-commerce platform 

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