Convert More Travelers with Facebook Travel Ads for Hotels

This webinar ran on Wednesday, March 20.

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About the webinar

Gone were the days when hotel marketers use Facebook simply to promote brand awareness and engage fans. Nowadays, you have to go beyond growing "vanity" metrics such as likes and followers -- you're tasked to drive sales with Facebook ads. 

How can you effectively and efficiently impact the bottom line while proving the ROI of Facebook ad spend to your boss? Consider Facebook Travel Ads for Hotels. 

In this webinar, our digital marketing experts will share their insights and strategies on how to utilize this innovative ad product to convert more travelers. Learn more about:

  • What makes Facebook Travel Ads such a powerful solution
  • How to budget for Facebook Travel Ads within your total marketing spend
  • How to launch hotel ads and optimize your campaigns
  • Success stories of effective ad copy and design that drive conversions

We will also share case studies illustrating how we helped several hotels decrease CPA and increase ROAS with enhanced targeting and tailored ads.  Interested in learning more?  Contact our Digital Marketing experts  for detailed information.  

How to increase conversion rate while decreasing CPA on your Facebook campaigns

WEDNESDAY, MAR. 20  |  3pm EST/12pm PST


Tris Heaword 
Director of Digital Marketing at Pegasus

Tris is the Director of Digital Marketing at Pegasus with an extensive history in digital marketing and expertise in e-commerce, booking revenue maximization, and search network advertising and retargeting.  

Natalie Martin
Digital Marketing Manager at Pegasus

Natalie is a Digital Marketing Manager at Pegasus with years of experience planning, executing, and optimizing online campaigns across multiple channels. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, chasing her toddler around, swimming, and drinking copious amounts of coffee. 

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  • The history and evolution of metasearch channels
  • Bidding and targeting strategies for the major channels
  • How to efficiently set up account and optimize your campaigns 
  • How to budget for metasearch within your total marketing spend